Curious Ketubah of the Day: In Maori and Gaelic

One of the most exciting things about creating Ketubot, for us, is the wonderful and often weird combination of languages that we create ketubot on! Part of our uniqueness, within the Ketubah universe, is our excitement to create a Ketubah in any language you want under the sun — and we even have our own Ketubah texts in over a dozen languages, from French and German and Spanish to Russian and Polish!

But today’s Ketubah takes the cake: we just created a Ketubah for a couple in Canada who wanted their Ketubah in English, Maori and Gaelic. Yes, the Maori — the indigenous language of New Zealand! And yes, Gaelic — the ancient language of the British Isles! Who knew there were even speakers?

We’re very proud of creating this combination — and all our other creative combinations!

Do you want to create a Ketubah in a less-common language? Let us know! We’re here to help! :)

Team Ketubah

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