Featured in Delaware Online!

We’re honored that Delaware Online has featured us in Designing a ketubah: Personalizing Jewish marriage contracts. Yay!!!!

Margie Fishman’s wonderful article about Ketubot today includes this super-duper comment:

Today, “This is (not) a Ketubah” – a collective of Argentine and New York artists – offers ketubot in speakeasy, Parisian café, London double-decker bus and New York City subway themes. There is even a ketubah called “Hamsalicious,” referencing the palm-shaped amulet in mystical Judaism.

We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves. Thank you Margie, Thank you Delaware Online, Thank you the Esteemed State of Delaware (the First State!!!), Thank you all of our Delaware Couples!

Tonight, we’re going to have a toast — Manishevitz, of course! — to the First State!

Love to all, hugs and massive amounts of cheesiness,
Morgan & Team Ketubah

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