Green Ketubot- A Perfect Reflection of Romantic Feelings

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.”

Oscar Wilde

Green is the prime color of nature, that is gloriously rich with the endless possibilities of all kinds of soft and healthy emotions; which are of utmost importance to lead a happy life with loads of love, peace, and tranquility. This lusciously attractive color comprises of a beautiful palette of shades with sparkling emerald to subtle olive, or rustic moss to cool lime. Our Green ketubot collection is adorned with same diversity of exclusive themes and unique styles fulfilling the desires of any lovely couple.

Here, beautifully diversified shades of green are splendidly portrayed in two totally different themed ketubot, one the Dreamy sunrise ketubah, and other the Evening Star Ketubah. Both ketubot paint a soft romantic magical moment in two contrasting times of the day. One displays the rising image of the sun on the beautiful site of the lake with a view of beautiful shrubs, flowers and long grass that is floating with the cool breeze. A perfect imagery of blooming romance, that has the warmth of true love and passion for long lasting happiness. While the evening star ketubah depicts the romantic moonlight of the evening that pours on the madly on love couple. This natural scene, using all the different shades of greens with respect to the effect of moonlight on each area, marvelously reflects the authenticity of the moment.

Being intensely in love with reading, my personal favorite is the Book Lovers Ketubah, that beautifully pictures a scattered pile of various books, with a few unopened books and some opened while one showcasing the most important Ketubah text, symbolizing the authenticity of this beautiful relationship till the time ends. With the use of a luscious collection of warm colors for the book covers and the faded appearance of rustic pages, this ketubah creates a vintage classic aura and you can almost smell the mystic and rusty scent of an old classic book. Surely, this ketubah is surely a perfect pick for bookworms, who nurture and celebrate each day of their love life like a romantic classic novel or a fairytale. Such a beautiful theme particularly looks mesmerizing on wood, so to feel the rusty scent of an old classic read, wood ketubah is highly recommended.


Morning Ketubot- Celebrating the Beautiful Dawn of an Exciting Chapter of Your Life

“Morning without you is a dwindled dawn.”

Emily Dickinson

When sunlight strikes the darkness of the night, giving a slight hint of a brighter day ahead, while the birds are chirping and a cool breeze is gushing all over, this time reflects the utmost feeling of serenity and calmness. Overlapping of dawn over dusk beautifully portrays the unfailing optimistic approach that there surely be an end to darkest hours of life and a new day, full of hopes, colors and happiness will rise.

Our Morning themed collection of ketubot marvelously portrays the gist of life with an exceptional air of mastery.

Keeping the authentic tradition of ketubah alive with a chic blend of contemporary art, our papercut collection elegantly stands out in the lot. The Forest Keeper Ketubah is one such beautifully crafted piece of our papercut collection. Showcasing the fresh softness of the forest air, just as the warmly illuminating sun coincide with the darkness of the falling night, and a buck and a doe standing harmoniously side by side, welcoming the daylight with all its forthcoming surprises. A couple who understands the true meaning love and significance of their bond, and who enjoys their synchronization and trust in everyday life will surely fall in love with this ketubah.

In such lustrous collection of bright and overwhelming ketubot, The Sunrise Ketubah splendidly displays an eminent spread of artistic mastery with flawless strokes of vibrant pink, purple and orange colors, all superbly blended and perfectly illustrating the paramount supremacy of sun over the gloomy nights. This ketubah flawlessly demonstrates the power of optimism and, is perfect for any couple who promises to be there for each other through thick and thin. This ketubah will be the symbol of forever togetherness, hope and a brighter and shinier life ahead.


Cliff Ketubot- An awesome collection of Artistic Ketubahs Beautifully Fantasizing your Dreamy Romance

“Love is always a leap into the unknown. You can try to control as many variables, and understand a situation as you can, but you’re still jumping off a cliff and hoping that someone catches you.”

Lisa Kleypas

We adore the craziness of a couple for being truly, madly and deeply in love, and having a passionate heart for going over the edge and crossing all the hurdles for that one person; thus to be together and to celebrate the love for the rest of the life. Our dreamy collection of Cliff ketubt masterfully illustrate the frenzy of deep romance and wild love. All the artistic pieces superbly amalgamate fantasy with real life, adorned with the affection and care.

Fantasizing your life with the person your adore and love in the whole world the most, with whom you cherish each and every moment, and who shares your dreams and secrets, is the true love of your life with whom you enjoy the dreamy romance and promise to relish real life. The Stay in a Dream Ketubah is a sure pick for such couple who always remembers the dreamy passionate love and enjoys the togetherness all day, every day.

The Moonlit Fantasy Ketubah splendidly depicts the blend of the beautiful Jewish tradition of ketubah with the endless fantasies of dramatic imaginary world;s in a perfect portrayal of a dragon, and our all time favorite unicorn. A couple who enjoys their pleasure of togetherness beyond the boundaries of this universe and who is a true fan of literature and fiction will definitely find this ketubah a personal favorite. Amalgamating the fantasy of fictional unicorn and dragon, with the sacred Jewish traditions, we cherish this ketubah the most.


Elegant Black Ketubot- A Definite Choice for a Passionate Couple

Black is the color of mystery, power, strength and elegance. A color that holds and absorbs every color. The dazzling intensity and easily noticeable features of this color have the power of creating any artistic piece more deep, full of meaning and stunning, all at the same time.

So does our dramatic collection of Black Ketubot, where each and every ketubah illustrates a different layer of passionate love with a promise of miraculous journey of life ahead, in a remarkably artistic style.

For the wanderers of a strikingly beautiful piece of art that is magnificently adorned with black color, The Light Strings Ketubah is an absolutely perfect choice. The Light Strings Ketubah is inspired by the vibrant art of Yayoi Kusama.The amazingly talented Yayoi Kusama has splendidly amalgamated the deep intense vibes of black color with a radiating pattern of repetitive electrifying rays.

For a couple who warmly enjoys the harmony and passionate love, and who shines bright like the gleaming moonlight when together, the under the full moon ketubah is the one to go for. This ketubah beautifully reflects the magical feelings of intense romance and serenity of togetherness. In this lustrous piece of art, a breathtaking view of dusk is portrayed where beaming rays of the moon are layering over the dark sky showcasing the harmony and balance of all the astounding elements of night.

Excitingly, our amazing collection of Black Ketubot is jam-packed with fun-filled surprises and joyous pieces for everyone. The Love Race Ketubah is one such exemplary piece and my personal favorite, which definitely is an electrifying combination of unique modern art and everlasting beauty of traditional ketubah.

Like a starting screen of some old video game, on this ketubah, there is a button at the bottom saying “2 players press start”, “New Stage” at the top right corner and in big fonts “Get Ready”; Simply WOW!! What is not to love about this ketubah. This exceptional design makes this ketubah so much fun and irresistible. Well, this ketubah fantastically showcases the fun filled excitement of some brand new and never experienced levels of forthcoming life, that definitely holds some thrilling new challenges. A perfect pick for video game lovers!!!


Have a Little Fun with Your Special One with Our Playful Ketubot

“When my hands can no longer make these hammers and strings play for you, my heart will always sing to you.”

Karen Quan, Write like no one is reading 2

Each piece of Playful Ketubot is adorned with the crispy feelings of blooming romance. Keeping the playful and fun side of your romance alive and rejoicing every moment of your life with your childhood romance while growing old hand in hand is definitely a success story of one’s life. And our playful ketubot wonderfully depict this innocence of romance with a promise of togetherness.

With a splendid depiction of raw romance in a hazy summer noon, The Lovely Swing Ketubah stands out in the lot and is a sure choice of a couple who celebrates the purity and strength of its love in a purely stylish way. A young couple swaying hands in hands on a swing, hanging on a beautiful oak tree that is home to a cheerful pair of chickadees, above lush green grass and below the dazzling blue sky; the breathtakingly beautiful scenery of this ketubah is a perfect reminder for a couple to cherish the raw feelings of love and adoring romance.

The Love View Ketubah is another gem in our lusciously decorated gallery of Playful Ketubot. This ketubah is an outstanding blend of elegance and style. Beautifully amalgamating a mix of brightly colored balloons with a black and white sketch of a couple sitting on a bench, this ketubah superbly illustrates the beauty of this everlasting relationship.

With a couple holding all the differently colored balloons together elevate their passion of togetherness and strengthening of their love for the rest of their life, through thick and thin. Here is a catch, this is not a typical ketubah, as these balloons are actually fingerprints of your dear ones. So make it a fun activity by inviting all your special friends to be a part of this memorable part of your life.

Cheers to Your Happy Life!!



Rejoice Your Deep Passionate Love with Our Marvelous Collection of Beach Themed Ketubot

A gush of cool gentle breeze, the enchanting noise of sparkling water waves, soft touch of sand on the feet with a breathtaking view of the endless sky, and you are walking hand in hand with your life partner; surely no words can express the exhilarating feelings of these moments. Surely, the magnificently beautiful and comforting beaches are the best places to rejoice and celebrate the fun and romantic moments of life with your partner.

Each and every ketubah in our dazzling collection of Beach themed Ketubot superbly portrays all the different layers of passionate love in a gorgeously attractive chic style.

Phenomenally portraying all the intense emotions of blooming romance and passionate love with lustrous bold shades of sunset, spread all over the shore, the Starry Sea Ketubah is a definite choice for the crazy lovers of beach who are the true admirers of the gold shimmer of the sunshine and its dramatic reflection on the beach. The swirling strokes rich colors on the sky with a hint of two hugging shadows in the bottoms perfectly portrays a romantic scene in a rather serene and artistic manner.

The Summer Stripes Ketubah is another gleaming gem in our stunning collection of beach themed ketubot. This ketubah flawlessly blends the distinctive modern art with ketubah tradition in a unique yet mesmerizingly stylish and attractive manner. Beautifully displaying the breathtaking scene of a hot summer day on a gorgeous sandy beach with clear blue sky, gleaming water, and soft clouds, this ketubah is ideal for the couple who loves outdoor adventures on a hot summer day. The cool tropical vibes of this peculiarly designed ketubah will always be there to reclaim your passionate love for each other for years to come.


Our Leaves Ketubot Elegantly Celebrate the Love Affair of Your Life

“A leaf fluttered in through the window this morning, as if supported by the rays of the sun, a bird settled on the fire escape, joy in the task of coffee, joy accompanied me as I walked.”

Anais Nin

The magnificent beauty of nature is an everlasting inspiration for art lovers. The luscious splendor of nature is spread everywhere; in the vibrantly colored blossoming flowers, in the dew drops on the verge of falling off from the leaves, in the golden colored leaves of autumn, in the fresh leaves of spring, in short for a lover of this exquisite loveliness of nature, beauty is present in every nook and corner of the world. And the feeling of love exhilarate this love affair to another level.

Our wondrous collection of leaves ketubot has it all. Each and every piece of this splendid collection superbly depicts the freshness of blooming love and sparkles of joy with the masterful artistry of amazing patterns in distinctive colors and gorgeous styles.

Love makes everything seems beautifully magical and wonderfully special. Breathing in the crispy air of cool autumn and absorbing the calm and serene beauty of nature within, while walking hand in hand with the love of your life, is surely an extremely pleasant experience. Our the Autumn Trees Ketubah, inspired by Seurat, fabulously displays this beautiful feeling of togetherness and love for a romantic couple. Marvelously illustrating the beauty of this weather with the beautiful depiction of cool breeze of fall in the form of fluttering leaves, this ketubah is perfect for an outgoing couple who loves nature and adventures.

The Rosengarten Ketubah is another extraordinarily beautiful and lusciously attractive masterpiece in this dazzling collection of ketubot. With the gorgeous amalgamation of brightly colored velvety roses, this ketubah splendidly displays all the purity and beauty of the blossoming love. This ketubah is a sure pick for a couple who is truly, madly and deeply in love with each other, and who wants to celebrate its passionate romance every day with the same high intensity.

Picking one personal favorite from this mesmerizing collection of thoughtfully depicted and charmingly captivating ketubot is an extremely crucial task, but the Love Entwined Ketubah has particularly registered its print on my heart. As this ketubah has magnificently summarized all the beautiful layers of love and a long lasting relationship, while using a simple yet stunningly attractive combination of serene colors with the perfect imagery of two trees hugging each other, beautifully symbolizing an exemplary relationship of a loving couple living happily ever after. One of the most extraordinary features of this ketubah is that your guests can imprint their fingerprints on the leaves, letting you remember the presence of your loved ones on this special day.


Celebrate the Love Affair of Your Life with a touch of Chic Flair and Dazzling Beauty of our Dreamy Paris Ketubot

“But Paris was a very old city and we were young and nothing was simple there, not even poverty, nor sudden money, nor the moonlight, nor right and wrong nor the breathing of someone who lay beside you in the moonlight.”

Ernest HemingwayA Moveable Feast

Paris is the one splendidly magical city that extraordinarily portrays the true essence of tender love and intense sensations of heart pounding romance. The stunning and timeless architectural beauty and everlasting feeling of the “love in the air”, make Paris an ideal inspiration for our heart touching ketubot collection.

You will surely fall in love with our dazzling collection of Paris Ketubot in which each ketubah is soaked in dreamy romance that flawlessly depicts the classy architectural beauty of this city with an elegant flair of chic style.

L’Amour Des Amantes Ketubah is inspired by the startling works of famous French artist, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Justifying the skillful artistry of the original piece, this ketubah marvelously represents the true essence of pleasurable romantic emotions and dreamy day and nights of the beautiful city of Paris that magically captivates a couple deep in love. This ketubah is a sure choice for a couple who cherishes the elegance of classic French romance, enjoys the love affair, and wants to celebrate the everlasting journey of the deep routed romance.

Paris Je T’aime meaning “Paris I Love You”- Paris Je T’aime ketubah is a perfect pick for the couple who is in love with the electrifying beauty of this city which amplifies the romantic vibes of passionate love all over the place. With the strikingly attractive portrayal of classical architecture of Paris presented by its beautiful skyline and superb illustration of magical romance depicted with a couple standing hand in hand on a street of Paris, this ketubah beautifully illustrates all the essential elements of Parisian beauty.


Exhilarate Your Passionate Love with luxuriously Attractive and Stunningly Lustrous Night Themed Ketubot

“May I kiss you then? On this miserable paper? I might as well open the window and kiss the night air.”

Franz Kafka

A sweet and soothing night carries a baggage full of emotions, witnessing the utter sorrow and gloomy situations of one’s life while simultaneously cherishing the romantic and tender moments of one crazily in love couple. The dark hours of the night, illuminating with the gentle touch of moonlight magnificently illustrate the true meaning of crazy romance and deep love. So is our stunning collection of night themed ketubot that amazingly covers a wide range of vibrantly colorful to single toned artistic pieces, where each and every ketubah masterfully demonstrate the lustrously deep and splendidly beautiful passion of affectionate love between a couple.

Our Silhouette Ketubah is a stunning portrayal of gentle romance and crazy love that beautifully captures the magical story of deeply falling in love in a simple yet stylishly unique way. The tender intermingling of trees above the dancing couple in a spectacular forest registers a lustrous feel of love. This black and white themed ketubah is a definite choice of the couple who understands and adores each and every aspect of their partner’s personality and who are always on their toes for a spontaneous and romantically rich dance with their ever after.

Adorned with a beautiful combination of romantically rich night and hopes of a brighter, happier and warm day, the Night Waltz Ketubah marvelously depicts all the intimately romantic emotions of a couple that they cherish on their first dance. With the couple tenderly holding each other in the most romantic and harmonious way under the strikingly attractive and superbly balanced scene of sun and moon’s presence in the sky, this ketubah superbly portrays a perfect harmony between a couple.




Brighten Up your Electric Romance with Our Strikingly beautiful Rainbow Ketubahs

“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud”

Maya Angelou

Our startling collection of Rainbow Ketubot splendidly portrays the beautiful amalgamation of passionate love and everlasting romance in the most unexpected yet awe-inspiring manner, while beautifully merging the colorful traditions with enthusiastically modern customs.

Rainbow, a vibrantly colored arc, gleaming high above the sky, is truly a magnificent and uniquely exquisite demonstration of glorious natural beauty, that fabulously draws all shades of life in a spectacular style. So is our stunning collection of Rainbow Ketubot, where the wonderfully exhibited artistic patterns of each ketubah spectacularly portray the authenticity of deep and enriched love in a wonderfully creative style.

This impressive collection of delightfully colored ketubot is certainly incomplete without mentioning the intense purity of gay love. This collection brilliantly signifies the synchronization of two souls on the commencement of this beautiful journey with an enduring promise of undying romance and crazy love.

My personal favorite among all the strikingly attractive and eye-catchy ketubot (which was extremely hard to pick)is the You and I Ketubah. This ketubah superbly depicts the essence of pure romantic feelings and compassionate love in an exceptionally delighting artistic manner. Using just the outlines of women, who are delicately touching each other with a sweet kiss, this ketubah adorably demonstrates the passionate delicacy of this everlasting relationship. This Ketubah is a definite pick for an emotionally rich lesbian couple, who wants to illustrate their passionate love in a simple yet modish way.

The Bride Squared Ketubah is another precious piece of this gleamingly vibrant collection of Rainbow Ketubot. This ketubah marvelously portrays the purity of never-ending love and crazy romance with an exhilarating mix of lusciously rich colors, registering a unique feeling of fresh romance in a superbly well defined chic style.


Embark upon the New Magical Phase of Life with the Sparkling Warmth of Winter Ketubot

“In the Depth of Winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible Summer”

Albert Camus

Our awesome collection of Winter Ketubot incredibly portrays the beautiful combination of glistening love and warmth with the sparkles of winter.

The beautiful collection of Winter Ketubot is everything from simply stylish to charmingly complex, from depicting the depth of timber wolf with dull shades to the delightful portrayal of sparkling snowflakes and shady nights.

Winter season is a gift of nature, a season filled with the beauty of dreamy nights, romantic moonlights, beautiful snowflakes and gleaming warmth. Each ketubah in this category is adorned with a distinctive style and delicate design that beautifully reveals the passion and excitement of love while registering a deep notion of sparkling winter.

A splendid combination of unique art, intricately detailed designing, and delicately prepared complex papercut, the Winter Paperland Papercut Ketubah superbly outlines the gorgeous winter theme, and proves to be the first choice for the couples who appreciate and acknowledge the depth of art and want to deepen their love with all the joyous layers of winter.

The winter Glass Ketubah marvelously portrays the breathtaking beauty of winter with a beautiful illustration of all the eye-catching elements of a stunning winter night. Magical moonlight, fluffy frost spread on the ground, and romantically entangled trees; all perfectly shaded with a beautiful combination of powerful colors, flawlessly portraying the lovely winter nights. This ketubah is a perfect illustration of commitment and deep love.

My personal favorite among all these glorious and strikingly beautiful ketubot is Winter Lights Ketubah. A brilliant depiction of traditional ketubah adorned with the chic styling of modern trends that perfectly showcase the purity, mystery and untouched wonders of couple’s love. Sparkling amalgamation of different shades of blue superbly illustrates the warmth and joy within the winter season.


Embrace your Blossoming Love with Luxuriously Colored Butterfly Ketubah

“Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.”

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Butterfly Ketubot superbly show the beauty of blooming love, passionate romance and empowering trust.

Butterflies bring joy, colors and hopes for the blossoming season. Because of their fragility, beauty and transformation from caterpillar to a stunningly attractive and delicately fluttering creature, butterflies are considered to be the symbol of change, life, happiness and celebrations.

In ancient Chinese history, this beautiful creature of nature is used to symbolize delight and bliss. In Christianity, butterflies symbolize soul and an amazing miracle of nature representing the resurrection and transformation. All in all, a splendid depiction of life.

Within the lot of exquisitely designed ketubot, butterfly ketubot stand out with the lavish yet meaningful appearance of colors and an overwhelming representation of married life.

Marriage marks the beginning of a remarkable chapter of your life that is filled with the hopes of a brighter and happier future with the love of your life. This compassionate relationship grows deeper and stronger with the passage of time, building an intangible force of attraction and reliance on each. Wedlock is not merely a contract but a promise to be there for each other through thick and thin and to hold hands in ups and downs of life; and Butterfly Ketubot beautifully illustrate the beauty of this promise.

Within an outstanding collection of colorful butterfly Ketubot, it surely is a difficult task to pick one favorite, as each ketubah tells a different story. To passionately celebrate the blooming romance, the Rosengarten Ketubah, depicting the gorgeous combination of beautifully colored roses; is a perfect choice to pick.

The Cherry Tree of Life ketubah is another irresistible masterpiece. The budding of tree superbly illustrates the emergence of the blossoming life ahead, adorned with excitement, love, and endless possibilities.

For a lovely romantic couple, who are head over heels in love with each other, choosing one ketubah from Butterfly Ketubot is definitely a must.

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