Skyline Ketubot: A chic way of celebrating Traditions

“Yesterday and tomorrow cross and mix on the skyline. The two are lost in a purple haze. One forgets, one waits.”

Carl Sandburg

A perfect example of modernization, advancement, forwardness, with an unparalleled fusion of beauty and architecture- a skyline depicts a dazzling, eye-catching and serene view of any city. With an individual arrangement of skyscrapers, a city’s skyline act as a fingerprint, as no two cities can have the same skyline.

Skyline Ketubot are perfect blend of modern day architecture, arts and strong customs – serving as a beautiful way of keeping up with the traditions, while shaking hands with the future.

Some places always hold a special corner of your heart, and remain a reason for the strength of your relationship, by building an unseen sense of affection, care and love for each other. That may be a place where you first met, or where you proposed, or anything else.

While it is impossible to relive that moment as is, well it surely is possible to make it last forever. If you want to make that place unforgettable for the rest of your life, where you’ve fallen in love with the most special person in your life. Then we’ve got an excellent solution especially for you. We have gathered the most famous, beautiful, romantic and splendid skylines, designed and presented in a beautiful artistic patterns, embellished with attractive colors and beautiful settings.

Our skyline Ketubot collection holds an alluring and glittering series of world’s top most favorite and photographically famous skylines. For example, in the Paris skyline Ketubah, the romantic city of Paris magically glows in the rustic gold and brown colors, perfectly presenting the blazing sunset with the glorious Eiffel Tower.

The stunning, starry, and always happening, New York Skyline, is the most loved and famous of all. Our New York Skyline Ketubah is a greatly loved and appreciated. This series is perfect for the couples who endure their love with the spirit of traditions while going all the way forward with chic designs, styles, and architecture.


Peace Ketubahs for Your Beautiful Marriage

Peace is one of the most coveted luxuries known to mankind. It is not easy to find nor is it easy to maintain. What peace really represents is a beautiful serene calm and tranquility. The one that brings joy and happiness to people. When people describe peace, it can be anything for them and it can also hold several different meanings for different people. It can be harmony, trust, loyalty in a friendship, in a relationship, in a lovely husband and wife bond or any relationship that is out there. Peace can be anything you want it to be, provided it brings you happiness and calmness. Peace has been something that has always been cherished in cultures and religions. Signs have been made to represent and personify peace. The dove with an olive branch is considered to be a symbol of peace amongst the Christians and it became so popular that it is now a worldwide emblem.

The reason why peace is so important is that you really cannot be at ease without it. Be it on a personal level or about relations between countries. The opposite of peace is war which is disastrous for mankind because it leads to causalities and damage. This why all religious scriptures are devoted to upholding a state of peace between the masses. This is because an elementary way of describing peace is “the absence of war’ but when you bring this definition down to a personal level peace of mind can be harmony, amity, concord and everything in between that makes you a happier person living life to the fullest. Our Peace Ketubah intend on doing exactly the same: To bring peace into your life and make your marriage not only successful but happy, abundant and filled with joy for all years to come. So that you may always have peace of mind with your better half.


Make your marriage shine as bright as the moon

The moon is the beautiful halo that lights the Earth when everything else seems dark and cold. The moon just like the sun has a very important role to play in helping nature keep its balance. It illuminates the world in a beautiful and subtle manner. It perfectly fits itself so that it not so bright that it dulls the stars but in reality helps them sparkle and glitter. The moon also has a significance in culture as many rituals revolve around it. Religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism celebrate special traditions and festivals according to the lunar calendar. This is because they the use the moon as a measure of time. People have been also known to worship the moon because of its beauty and ability to light the sky and remove darkness. It is also known in literature that the repetitive and consistent cycles of the moon depict immortality and eternity showing a beautiful change in all its phases. It has the beautiful light that rules the night and subtly lights the night sky while completing its cycle from a crescent to a beautifully lit full moon.

Throughout the ancient times, the moon was considered as a source of healing, a source of joy, comfort and happiness. Goddesses and other Gods in the olden days would relish the beauty of the moon and this has been well documented in history. So just like the glorious moon that shines, fills the sky with its beauty, and removes its black light, you too can choose the Moon category Ketubah so that your marriage will shine as bright and become as serene as the moon itself. The fact that the sun and moon balance each other in perfect harmony is something so beautiful and the two of you will also be able to perfectly complement each other throughout your marriage and life’s journey.


Flower Ketubahs that show the love and beauty in your marriage

Nature has its ways of adding beauty in the world and everyone knows that it has done this through flowers. Flowers signify beauty, peace, magnificence and are the total embodiment of freshness and splendor. In every culture, flowers are associated with life, happiness, hope and joy. Flowers are also used on all special occasions such as weddings, ceremonies and religious traditions. The blooming of flowers in spring brings joy to people as they know spring, the season of life is here.

In various cultures, flowers are so important that they have been assigned different meanings. The white lily symbolizes peace and tranquility. The daffodil shows regard and chivalry, similarly the daisy portrays innocence and purity in love. In Hinduism, people throw flowers over newly married couple to wish them good luck, fertility and youthfulness. In Christianity, alters are decorated with beautiful flowers. Flowers are the one way humans have been expressing their love and emotions since ages and that too without saying a word.

So everyone knows that a walk in a beautiful meadow filled with fresh flowers will give your heart joy and happiness like no other. Therefore you should have a look at our flower ketubah section so you can see which flower ketubah precisely describes your marriage like the gem it really is!


Our White Ketubahs reflect elegance like no other!

White is an extremely elegant colour that reflects everlasting purity just like your relationship. White is a sign of new beginings and mental clarity. It is for the couple that is simple and happy in nature. In fact white is so significant that it has traditional meaning all around the world. It is worn by brides on their big day as it symbolizes virginity – a sign of purity and it is also a colour of truce, peace and tranquility. This is because white is personified as cleanliness and purity.

Apart from this white also reflects fairness and equality. It is a balance of all colours and it reflects innocence, goodfortune and goodluck just like in the famous Chinese ying yang. It is also beleieved through many parts of the world that white is the colour of angels and consequently depicts faith, good virtue and purity.

The colour white in psychology is said to help people achieve mental clarity, to remove clutter from their minds so that they can look forward to new beginings without any prejudices or resentment. Just happiness and peace.

You can have a look at our white Ketubah gallery where you will find endless gems that will bring peace and calmness to your soul. These white Ketubah embody many other colours in a simple fashion so that the elegance always shines through.


Ketubahs Back in Time

Every few years, we shed off styles, trends and TV shows and move on to the next big thing. But those fads don’t entirely disappear, and after a decade or so, we see them resurface and creep back into our lives. Vintage dresses, retro weddings and classic cars are out and about, and we love it!

In the world of weddings and ketubahs, retro designs are making waves. They not only look good, but they also represent the values of a generation and time that couples admire and wish to instill in their own lives.

Retro ketubahs are making a comeback and they’re more popular than ever. From the roaring twenties, to the groovy seventies and the disco eighties, there’s a lot of fun decades to choose from! Each time has its own distinctive style and history to draw from. Couples inspired by a particular era can incorporate those qualities in their marriage with a ketubah that reflects that age.

Like all things old, we embrace them with a modern touch and traditional values. The colors in retro ketubahs are rich and vivid, while the standard text holds the essence of the ketubah. Some of our favorite ketubahs from the retro ketubahs collection bring a blast from the past with a lots of glamour and excitement.

retro ketubah

The 60’s was full of color, peace, and of course the most important, love!  T colorful design to the fun layout, The 60’s Ketubah will bring you back to a time of bell bottoms, peace signs and retro flowers. With just the right amount of fun and romance, the 60’s style makes for the perfect Ketubah!

retro ketubah

Reminiscent of the seventies, we have The Retro Ketubah. The Retro Ketubah, with its concentric circles expanding out, recalls these themes, and brings the 1970s look up to the modern standard: disco music meets web 2.0, or Mick Jagger meets Lady Gaga.


Ketubah Love: “Exceeded Our Expectations!”

Thank you, thank you!! This ketubah far exceeded our expectations! It’s so bright and expertly executed! We love it and can’t wait to display it along with our other artworks.

The perfect start to our marriage,

Marina and Leo Kamenetskiy, Ketubah Love from Brooklyn, New YorkThe Entwined Hands Ketubah.


Seasonal Ketubahs for the Rusty Days of Fall

Each season has it’s good and bad. But perhaps none is more beloved than America’s favorite season which has only just begun: Fall.

The season where trees transform into brilliant shades of gold and rust; the season where leaves crunch under your every step; the season of scarves and boots; the season of Halloween; and most importantly for Starbucks lovers, the season of Pumpkin Spice Lattes ;)

Fall holds a special place in America’s heart. Not only for it’s stunning landscape, but for the great weather that acts as a buffer between sweaty summer and shivering winter. Many couples choose to hold their special day in the midst of the annual tree-shedding season, and mark the special time of the year with a seasonal Ketubah.

Fall ketubahs are of colors that perfectly complement seasonal fall Jewish weddings. They make great showpieces for couples who wish to display their ketubahs at the ceremony or later on in their new home. Their warm tones fit into any setting and ooze sophistication, style and refined taste – all at the same time!

Our Fall Ketubot Collection features a dazzling spectrum of ketubahs in shades of gold, orange, rust, and brown.

fall ketubah

The Baroque Autumn Ketubah is a subtle reminder of fall and the vintage era of before our time. It brings to life the patterns seen everywhere in that period just before we were born — for that which is vintage is always that of your grandparents’ era, no matter how old or young you are.

fall ketubah

A joint statement of all four seasons is The Seasonal Trees Ketubah.  a beautiful detailed design with striking, vibrant tones. Each tree shows a different color, thus representing a different season. This Ketubah is a beautiful symbol of each season and change of a couples’ life together. Each season distinctly different, but beautiful in their own right.


Graffiti: Modern Art for Ketubahs

Ketubahs have been around for thousands of years. While the text and content has more or less stayed the same, it is the artwork which totally reinvents itself every century. Keeping up with contemporary art and modern trends of each decade, Jewish couples have always sought ketubahs that keeps up with the times.

But in the 21st century, it appears we have a new kind of art in the form of graffiti.

Graffiti first seen as destruction to public property has now garnered respect from far and wide. Some of the most famous graffiti artists in the world are highly sought after and are commissioned to paint several large scale public murals in their home city and all over the world.

Graffiti legends include Jean-Michel Basquiat, Seen, Lady Pink, Keith Haring, Zephyr, and much more. Though most were seen as a public nuisance and were considered criminals, many have now converted their art medium to art galleries, illustrations and much more.

Ketubahs with graffiti inspired designs send a powerful message. They are bold, loud and leave an impression. Couples who want something unique yet contemporary will love our Graffiti Ketubahs. Inspired by sprawling urban street art and the bright tones that color graffiti, Graffiti Ketubahs have truly unique and eye-catching designs.

graffiti ketubah

One of our favourites is Ketubah In Da Haus. It is a unique combination of modern art, city style, and the classic Jewish Ketubot tradition. It features the word “Love” twisting and breaking on the backdrop of a brick wall in a vibrant mix of colors.

graffiti ketubahs

The Wonderwall Ketubah is inspired by the infamous street artist Banksy. Based off his distinct style, the ketubah features a couple off to the side, admiring at the break in the wall that not only reveals a gorgeous blue sky, but creates a beautiful framing for the Ketubah text. Definitely a must-have for fans of contemporary urban art.


Ketubahs that Strike Gold

Gold has long been associated with royalty and wealth. Kings and Queens of past would wear a bucketful of gold jewelry encrusted with the rarest of jewels. While the royal families have slowly drawn into the background (with the exception of the Queen of England), gold is now being adopted by anybody who can afford it.

The tradition still continues in some parts of the world among the more affluent. In South-East Asia, brides are adorned with gold which they wear for the rest of their life and pass onto the next generation. Gold becomes not only a symbol of wealth, but one of value and security.

The premium color is always in hot demand even if you’re not buying actual gold. People are prepared to pay extra for the symbol of success and achievement. Case in point: the gold iPhone sold for $10,000 at an eBay auction.

Historical ketubahs of the rich would be adorned with art pained in gold, and text written in liquid gold ink. While the tradition is not so feasible anymore, the fascination with gold sill remains.

Our Gold Ketubot Collection has whisks of gold weaved into the most stunning Ketubahs. Some embody the color in subtle tones, while others in something more bold.

gold ketubah

The Birds of Paradise II Ketubah features curling arabesques, golden arch, and royal crimson inlaid in amethyst purple complement the dappled golden-bronze foliage of the tree under which a pair of peacocks nestle. Peacocks themselves are also a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

gold ketubah

The Ethereal Landscape – Sun Ketubah beholds a sun in all shades of gold in an abstract design. Brilliant orange and yellow burst into sight, driving darkness to the edges of the page and instantly grabbing attention as molten gold drips across the canvas. Inspired by the colors of the Sun, this ketubah radiates fiery passion and takes center stage in its series.


Ketubahs All Over the Map

“Cities were always like people, showing their varying personalities to the traveler. Depending on the city and on the traveler, there might begin a mutual love, or dislike, friendship, or enmity. Where one city will rise a certain individual to glory, it will destroy another who is not suited to its personality. Only through travel can we know where we belong or not, where we are loved and where we are rejected.”

Roman Payne

Ever loved a city so much, you can close your eyes and picture yourself walking down the street to your favorite coffee shop – or the nearest pokestop if you’re also hooked to Pokemon Go ;) The best people and places in your life are the ones you know like the back of your hand. The only map you need is the one inside your head.

Ketubahs with maps are so much more than an interesting backdrop adopted by hipsters and academicians. It represents your journey together; a clear, defined journey with no obstacles to keep you from moving forward. Couples who are not confused about their future together and who realize that there’s more than one way to navigate through life will find maps a great symbol for their outlook on married life.

Our collection of Map Ketubahs features ketubahs with maps from the London underground, to New York City to the World, and much more.

world map ketubah

The World Ketubah bursts with stunning colors and dynamic patterns against a simple white background. The minimalist design is not a splash of overbearing colors that burns your eyes, but a palette of coordinating shades in metallic red, yellow and teal that looks as elegant as it is smart.

It’s said that when connecting from one line to another in the Berlin U-Bahn, it feels like traveling from one era into another. Similarly, the Berlin U-Bahn Ketubah transports you from one world to another through it’s intricate palette, tunnels and style. This beautiful piece of art is for couples who are fans of the world-famous architecture in Berlin, urban style, history buffs, and anybody who just like an interesting design with meaning.



Music Ketubahs that Hit the Right Note

Some people say,

Music makes the world go round.”

It’s not just a statement, but almost close to a fact. Music has a very special part in our lives. We associate strong memories and feelings with certain tunes and songs. And each time we hear them (no matter how much time has passed) the sentiments come rushing back. For many of us, we cannot imagine a world without music – from the chirping of birds at sunrise to the latest pop single.

For many couples, music is an integral part of their relationship – who doesn’t have a special “our song”? The song you first danced to, bonded over or just simply like because it’s a good song, can hold a special place in your partnership.

While you can’t get a singing ketubah (like those birthday cards that start croaking a chorus on repeat when you open them!), you can get a ketubah that incorporates music into it. There’s nothing quite like a moving melody or upbeat song to illustrate what words can’t — the connection and beauty of two people in love. We have a range of ketubahs for music lovers who hold music close to their heart and relationship.


The All That Jazz Ketubah, above, captures the classic style and emotion of jazz music. The swirling instruments and musical instruments give movement and life to this beautiful design. The checkered purple and blue background gives depth and color, creating the perfect space for the Ketubah text.

Another favourite of ours is The Paper Music Ketubah. It is for the couple that have that one song that truly defines their unique and everlasting relationship — a special connection expressed through rhythm and deep emotion. The gold accents against the simple black and white background compliment each other wonderfully and portray the beautiful symbolism music plays in life and love.

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