Black Ketubot- Reflecting Charming Elegance of Deep Love

“I do not speak as I think, I do not think as I should, and so it all goes on in helpless darkness.”

Franz Kafka

Black is not a depressing sad color, rather it radically demonstrates the poetic harmony and subtle elegance of anything and everything it showcases. The overwhelming and domineering appearance of black color in any art amazingly reveal the basic thought of the artist. Amalgamation of black with any other color palette stupendously enhance the creative excellence of any art piece to another spectacular level, so is each and every piece of our black ketubot series.

Depicting the splendid beauty of world’s famous skylines with the dazzling Toronto skyline ketubah, the incredibly alluring New York skyline ketubah and the stunning San Francisco skyline ketubah, or showcasing the classic love affair of black and white with the uniquely elegant Tattoo Love Ketubah, loaded with romantic vibes My Beloved Monochromatic ketubah, or the intricately designed the Ying Yang monochromatic ketubah, the black ketubot series is surely a heaven for Black color’s lovers.

For some passionately immersed-in-love couples, the beautiful Stay in a Dream ketubah, insanely romantic Our silhouette ketubah and the beautiful Romantic ketubah flawlessly depict the depth of deep-rooted romance. Well, all in all, this ketubah series has superbly covered everything, from pure religious ketubot to modernized ketubahs, from musical ketubahs to some lusciously romantic ones,  Just name it and have it, you’ll get way more and beyond your expectations.

Black color not only imparts its elegance with whites or gray, rather it terrifically elevate the magnificent appearance of every color palette. The Floating Collage ketubah is a perfect example for that. Illustrating the sparkling joy that we all endear within ourselves, this colorful Ketubah celebrates the union of two beautiful souls in an extremely joyous and cheerful manner.


Rejoice the Wondrous Life on the Other Side of the Bridge

“Golden Bridge, silver bridge or diamond bridge; it doesn’t matter! As long as the bridge takes you across the other side, it is a good bridge!”

Mehmet Murat ildan

The highlight of this beautiful series of bridge ketubot is the illustration of Brooklyn Bridge in an ever beautiful and lustrous ways, all giving a different angle, a different story and a uniquely discriminative touch to the same bridge. First off, the Brooklyn Bridge Ketubah strikes high with its refreshing colors and a superb depiction of overpowering New York’s skyline behind the classic architecture of Brooklyn Bridge. Oozing color scheme, with an outstanding blend modern art and ketubah tradition right on the top of architectural wonder, this ketubah suits perfectly well for the couple who cherish every nook and corner of the amazing city of New York.

Then there is a monochromatic imagery of the timeless classic beauty of the Brooklyn Bridge in the Brooklyn Bridge BW ketubah. This stunningly attractive ketubah gives off a perfect portrayal of in-depth architectural beauty, artistic significance with the presence of an exceptional skyline in the background, and charismatic appearance of this classic bridge. For a couple who appreciates the shining lights under the dark sky amidst the absolute tranquility, contrary to the hustle of the city, will surely love this ketubah a lot.

On the other hand, the Brooklyn Bridge Sepia ketubah gives an extra flavor to this picture. If you have an interest in photography, then you’ll surely enjoy that how a change of color themes completely transform the meaning and mood of the same picture and portrays a different side of the scene. An extraordinary work of art sparkles more in this theme, and the skyline brightens up the whole look. In a nutshell, for every New York lover, this range of ketubot is a rich place to dive in.

Some other pearls of this thread include the San Francisco Skyline Ketubah, the Big Benjamin ketubah for London lovers, refreshing  By the Lake ketubah, the Cincinnati skyline ketubah, and the eye-popping the Bridge ketubah. So feast your eyes with some incredible art.


Float in the Beauty of Awesome Water Ketubot


“Water does not resist. Water flows. When you plunge your hand into it, all you feel is caress. Water is not a solid wall, it will not stop you. But water always goes where it wants to go, and nothing in the end can stand against it. Water is patient.”

Margaret Atwood, The Penelopiad

There are limitless ways to describe the versatility of water. It seeps through steadily, and softly, and yet can cut the rocks. It gives life to a seed but can destroy the land with the flood. Water splashes lets you enjoy the fun moments of life, waterfalls invites you to embrace the gorgeous beauty of nature, and ocean waves calm your nerves, in a nutshell water is life. It is impossible to imagine the existence of any life on this planet without the availability water. In Judaism, water is the symbol of health, life, and cleanliness.

The beautiful collection of water ketubot depicts the freshness and exquisiteness of water with an exemplary splendor in some of the most stunningly created art pieces.

The Golden Wave ketubah and the Mahogany land ketubah display the wonders of water in amazingly attractive masterpieces.

The golden wave ketubah with the golden yellow strokes, propelling afterward on a rich sapphire blue background is a metaphorical illustration of goldenrod flowers, meaning to go forth in good future. This Ketubah is a sure choice for a lovely couple who appreciates the artistic display of nature with some traditional meaning.

The Mahogany land ketubah is a refreshing treat to the eyes. With the use of soft color palette along with some lustrous deep blue, lush greens and attractive yellows, and the ketubah text in a sun-like round shape; this ketubah depicts a perfect image of gorgeous natural beauty. The Mahogany land ketubah describes the true essence of mahogany, as it not a mere wood rather it’s a mode of light, fire, warmth and a center of the family life. This unbreakable and unbending log with such an alluring fragrance portrays different shades of life. As with all its beauty and love, a family will always stay united and together for the rest of the life. Surely a perfect pick for any couple who wants to hang more than a piece of wood on the wall, but a surety of loving strength, and happy family life.


Reveal your Sweet Romance with Cheesy Ketubot

“I loved her against reason, against promise, against peace, against hope, against happiness, against all discouragement that could be.”

Great Expectations, Novel by Charles Dickenson

You may ignore it or hide in subtle ways of romance, but embrace the fact that no one can avoid the tickling flavor of cheesiness in a blooming romance. That’s impossible not to dive into the gooey love affair without the hint of cheesy love lines. With our wide range of adorably attractive cheesy ketubot collection, we present you an amazingly beautiful illustration of cheesy romance where every single piece is all set to color your life with its artistic beauty and intricate designs.

Inspired by the deep and influential works of Picasso, the Loving Embrace Ketubah, and the Blue Couple Ketubah, make our cheesy ketubot collection more desirable and attractive. Peculiarly depicting the true essence of deep rooted love that doesn’t know any boundaries, and is all about a crazy ride of passion, and a promise of eternal togetherness.

With a powerful depiction of strong emotions, particularly for the moment when two lovers kiss,  the Loving Embrace Ketubah superbly illustrates enthusiastic feelings of a couple. Whereas, the Blue Couple Ketubah astonishingly showcases the beautiful feelings of serenity and calmness that a couple enjoys while embracing the love of their life. Peaceful and tranquil expressions of the girl and the man portray that its arms of their love that bring them the pure feeling of relaxation, protection, and tenderness. Both are obvious choices for any couple who wanted to display what they feel in their heart about love.

Studded with a colorful range of diversely designed paisleys, the Paisley Road ketubah perfectly illustrate the dynamics of life with full enthusiasm and happiness. Paisley designs have a long history and rich symbolic power in many cultures. This unique Persian motif portrays floral spray with cypress tree, while considered as a symbol of the life and eternity in Zoroastrian. Similarly, in Hindu culture, it represents fertility and also has a strong resemblance to Ying-yang symbol through its drop like appearance. There is no end to its deep cultural rooting and immense significance throughout the history. This ketubah is a definite choice for the couple who love dramatically creative modern designing with a blend of classic traditions.



Shine Bright Like a Diamond! Enjoy Diamond Ketubot

“She smiled and said with an ecstatic air: “It shines like a little diamond”,

“What does?”,

“This moment. It is round, it hangs in empty space like a little diamond; I am eternal.”

From the Age of Reason, Novel by Jean-Paul Sartre

Every time! Any time!! Even a little splash of a loving look from the love of your life lets you fly in the air, in a sparkling place brightened up like diamonds. Blooming love can have such an amazingly strong effect. To celebrate such joyous moments of blossoming romance and tender love, that spreads sparkles all around the couple, we have adorned our splendid collection of Diamond ketubot with superb artistry, intricate creativity, and loads of love.

You’ll get to see an array of beautiful design portrayed through a wide shade palette in the Bohemian papercut ketubah. This papercut artistry is surely a must have. While for those who love the elegance and subtlety of delicately designed floral shapes and artistic swirls will definitely fall in love with this gorgeous masterpiece. Most importantly, ketubah text is displayed in bold that harmoniously rhyme with the artistic work of ketubah.

Well, the awesomeness of papercut collection doesn’t stop there, instead the Diamond Ketubot collection display another beautiful illustration of a carefully crafted masterpiece of papercut art, the Winter Paperland Papercut Ketubah. This ketubah is a definite choice for a couple who loves the snowy evenings of winter and wishes to brighten up the rest of their life with the shine of their love. This delicately crafted ketubah with beautiful designing is all set to make your love eternal.

The crystal dance ketubah is another stunning addition to this gorgeously appealing series of diamond ketubot. The beauty of this uniquely designed ketubah lies in its alluring artistry that merges the abstract designs with two symmetrical lines, depicting the subtle yet chic take on the mix of classic and modern art. This ketubah superbly portrays the meaning of life, illustrating the basic fact that you live your lives in a predefined symmetry, beautified with glistening times.


A Perfect Portrayal of Different Shades of Life with Disorder Ketubot

“The circular wind is life. What was yesterday comes again tomorrow. It runs from place to place and returns. But in the midst of disorder is reason.  And if you can hold to reason, you shall be safe.”

Cecilia Ekbäck from Wolf Winter

Reflecting the harmony within your souls shadowed in the disorderliness of the complex events of life, our captivating range of Disorder Ketubahs flawlessly captures various layers of one’s personality and the essence of commitment, understanding and love a couple shares. Eye capturing the art of each ketubah deeply creates authentic vibes of various shades of feelings, an amalgamated pattern of tranquility and disorder at the same time. This awesome collection of ketubot will definitely be appreciated by a couple who acknowledge and understand the multifaceted life and wants to share its beauty with each other.

With the mesmerizingly appealing and profoundly alluring illustration of amazing abstract art using a range of beautiful color palette, the dream reflection ketubah flawlessly depicts a blend of various emotions and complex layers of one’s soul. The vibrancy of warm colors on this masterpiece showed with an incredibly unique texture perfectly reflects the warmth that this relationship holds for two people along with the excitement, and tinge of unpredictable future. Surely a perfect choice for a couple who are a true admirer of art and are ready to hold each other’s hand with a surety of commitment and harmony for the rest of their life.

Adding to the unique beauty of this series of ketubot, the Olsen’s view ketubah stands out in the lot. This ketubah depicts a splendid mix of ancient Jewish themes, of giving a regulated way of order in the middle of chaos and anarchy, with the clarity of modern art. Every couple who loves to embark on their beautiful journey of new life while shaking hands with the beauties of both old and modern traditions will definitely love to make this ketubah their own.


Artistic Collection of Gray Ketubot- Distinctively Designed for Art Lovers

Life is more about the gray areas Things are seldom black and white, even when we wish they were and think they should be, and I like exploring this nuanced terrain.

Emily Giffin

Gray color has an amazing characteristic of blending in perfectly with any color, and bringing out some cool, elegant and uniquely subtle yet attractive vibes out of that design or art form. With a variety of exceptionally designed and outstandingly illustrated ketubah arts, our Gray Ketubot holds an incredible array of eye-catching and deeply attractive patterns. Ranging from urban designs to showcasing merger of beautiful trees in the forest, or depicting a soft palette of colors to illustrating the depth of love with simple stripes of dull colors, you can enjoy a world of beauty and love in here.

Ironically the “evergreen” black and white theme never fades out to mark its presence and always looks subtle yet strikingly appealing and elegant. With an amalgamation of grayish color tone with the black and white theme, this chic art of Our Silhouette Ketubah beautifully illustrates the love affair of a deeply in love couple, with intermingling branches of trees in the background, featuring the silhouette a dancing couple amidst the deep forest. Beautiful depiction of magical romance and fairytale love in subtle tones superbly frame the main focus to the ketubah text. This ketubah is surely an excellent pick for the couple who love to dance together, hands in hands, under the moonlight for the rest of their life.

Inspired by the radical composition of masterfully portrayed geometrical abstract art of Kazimir Malevich, The Squares in the Air Ketubah uniquely stands out in our beautiful collection of Gray Ketubot. Picking up the central idea of the geometric art and blending it with the beautiful tradition of ketubah brings out an extremely exclusive framing while highlighting the ketubah text perfectly. For a couple who appreciates the contemporary style with an emphasis on originality, simplicity and touch of traditional emphasis, then this ketubah have all what they are looking for in their own ketubah.

So what are you waiting for, dive in and pick one of your choice.


Elegance Like No Other- An Impressive Collection of Turquoise Ketubot

“Love was a feeling completely bound up with color, like thousands of rainbows superimposed one on top of the other.”

Paulo Coelho

Cool, refreshing, calming, joyful and appealing are some of the feelings associated with the royal turquoise color, well so is our turquoise ketubot collection. Displaying the charmingly attractive and elegantly creative vibes of turquoise, all ketubahs of this collection are overflowing  with the joyous representation of love and blossoming romance, while superbly anchoring the traditional spirit of ketubah.

Including, powerfully stating the conventional herbew style with a modern take in The Crystal Dance Ketubah, Colorful depiction of artistic love in The Origami Ketubah, and For Miami football fans, a pleasant apparel turquoise and orange color in The Dolphins Ketubah, all in all turquoise collection has a tinge of all flavors placed in a single show.

In Love with Spring Ketubah is inspired by the brimming artwork of the arts and philosophy intellect Mark Rothko, whose work eloquently expresses a wide range emotional content beautifully illustrated in his signature style, depicting an array of figurative emotions on the shimmering color palette.

“Pictures must be miraculous” Mark Rothko,

and surely all his masterpieces are miraculous and worth inspired by. This ketubah splendidly depicts the modern take of Mark Rothko’s signature style, beautifully showcasing an amalgamation of two different soft tones of color into one. For the proper representation your budding romance, nurturing love and promise of forthcoming fragrant blooming days, this ketubah is a must have.

If you are looking for the perfect portrayal of true essence of ketubah tradition with an elegant depiction of your pure love and lifelong mutual harmony, in an intricately designed, thoughtfully crafted and efficiently created, eye-capturing masterpiece, then  The Papercut Lovers Ketubah is absolutely everything that you wish for in a ketubah. This ketubah showcases the most beautiful day of a couples’ life, the wedding day. Crafting the most adorable moment, where groom is looking his beautiful wife, this ketubah flawlessly showcases the joyous love and endless love of a couple. Elaborative detailing to the gorgeous gown of the bride adds in more artistic flavor to the picture. This truly is a gem in our awesome turquoise ketubot collection.


Dive into the Sea of Colorful Pleasure with our Pop Art Ketubot

Looking for something chic and modish, yet traditional and simple, or something immersed with the stunningly vibrant colors loaded in the strikingly alluring masterpieces of modern art and design; then our Pop Art ketubot collection is here to fulfill all your desires with an absolute perfection and style. Dunk in the mind wobbling, brightly colored, beautiful pieces of art, and you’ll actually find yourself in a sea of beauty.

The Love ketubah incredibly depict the amalgamation of classic art with the exciting elements of modern minimalism and pop art. Inspired by the outstandingly attractive artwork of Robert Indiana, the Love Sculpture in New York City, this vibrantly appealing ketubah is all set to light up your room, and will surely brighten up your love life for all the beautiful years to come ahead. Use of alluring color palette of aqua, dark green, and blue with an emphasis on bold red color to create an element of excitement and attraction in the word “Love”, so to beautifully signify this feeling of sheer passion, pure pleasure, crazy romance, and delightful content, this ketubah simply rocks. Surely, a perfect choice for the couple who loves a mix of retro art with the chic elements of pop art and minimalism.

Making our cheerful collection of pop art ketubahs more electrifying and exciting, the Circles and Squares Ketubah stands out in the lot. The delightful arrangement of colorful circles and squares showcases a prominently attractive and eye-popping piece of art, that beautifully illustrates the simple yet entangled moods of a relationship. This ketubah is inspired by the remarkable works of Victor Vasarely, the leader or widely known as “grandfather ” of the optical art movement. He explored texture, light, colors and shades in a different dimension, and produced a wide range of exceptionally unique and incredibly appealing art pieces. For a couple, who adores an exclusive representation of design, this ketubah is surely a must have. Marvelously combining the traditional spirit of ketubah with the colorful depiction of modern art, this art pleasingly represents the chic style and a strong bond of commitment of the couple.

Well, with the addition of Matzo Matzo ketubah, the Ahava ketubah, the Pop Spheres ketubah, and many more Technicolor ketubot, we’ve made sure that you’ll get what you’re actually looking for, and what fulfills your desires the most.

So Enjoy!!


Hop on with Your Partner for a never Ending Ride with our Subway Ketubot

We strive to portray one’s passions and interests in a single picture, and for that, we don’t want to leave any stone un-turned. This beautiful series of Subway ketubot is an example of our enthusiasm and zeal to let you enjoy your interests with the person you love the most in the world.

With the subtle amalgamation of the blue color palette in an undefined yet gorgeous looking manner, The Tube Ketubah is an exemplary depiction of the most historic and utterly artistic metro system of the world, the London metro, which is an obvious symbol of British culture and it’s rich history. Underground or Tube is the heart of London, which displays the extensively variant architectural history, where Charles Holden and Harry Ford own the most renowned place in shaping up this subway. This ketubah captures this complex subway in an extremely splendid manner and is surely a definite choice for a couple who is in love with the architectural beauty of London Tube.

Depicting the compelling history, breathtaking architecture, social shifts and captivating beauty of artistic design, Berlin U-Bahn Ketubah is another charismatic piece of this magnificent series of subway ketubot. First and foremost, the use of fresh colors makes this ketubah looks really attractive and serene.  Well, for historians, Berlin is a gold mine as it has seen 2 world wars, construction and then the demolition of Berlin wall, and tons social and economic reforms throughout the history. Riding from one line to another on Berlin U-Bahn is said to feel like traveling from one era to another. If you are a great lover of trains, have intense interests in maps, or is a big history geek, then this ketubah is for you.

Well, in the long list of delicately colored and subtly designed subway ketubot, the Subway Print No.1 Ketubah is my personal favorite. Influenced by the cool artistry of Keith Harring, this ketubah masterfully exhibits the chic modern New York life along with classic cartoon tradition of this city in such a cool and eye-catchy style that appeals every eye. This ketubah is perfect for a fun New Yorker couple who adores their New York state of mind all the time.

Well, it surely a difficult task to pick one from such an extraordinary collection, and I happily leave it to you :). Enjoy!!


Green Ketubot- A Perfect Reflection of Romantic Feelings

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.”

Oscar Wilde

Green is the prime color of nature, that is gloriously rich with the endless possibilities of all kinds of soft and healthy emotions; which are of utmost importance to lead a happy life with loads of love, peace, and tranquility. This lusciously attractive color comprises of a beautiful palette of shades with sparkling emerald to subtle olive, or rustic moss to cool lime. Our Green ketubot collection is adorned with same diversity of exclusive themes and unique styles fulfilling the desires of any lovely couple.

Here, beautifully diversified shades of green are splendidly portrayed in two totally different themed ketubot, one the Dreamy sunrise ketubah, and other the Evening Star Ketubah. Both ketubot paint a soft romantic magical moment in two contrasting times of the day. One displays the rising image of the sun on the beautiful site of the lake with a view of beautiful shrubs, flowers and long grass that is floating with the cool breeze. A perfect imagery of blooming romance, that has the warmth of true love and passion for long lasting happiness. While the evening star ketubah depicts the romantic moonlight of the evening that pours on the madly on love couple. This natural scene, using all the different shades of greens with respect to the effect of moonlight on each area, marvelously reflects the authenticity of the moment.

Being intensely in love with reading, my personal favorite is the Book Lovers Ketubah, that beautifully pictures a scattered pile of various books, with a few unopened books and some opened while one showcasing the most important Ketubah text, symbolizing the authenticity of this beautiful relationship till the time ends. With the use of a luscious collection of warm colors for the book covers and the faded appearance of rustic pages, this ketubah creates a vintage classic aura and you can almost smell the mystic and rusty scent of an old classic book. Surely, this ketubah is surely a perfect pick for bookworms, who nurture and celebrate each day of their love life like a romantic classic novel or a fairytale. Such a beautiful theme particularly looks mesmerizing on wood, so to feel the rusty scent of an old classic read, wood ketubah is highly recommended.


Morning Ketubot- Celebrating the Beautiful Dawn of an Exciting Chapter of Your Life

“Morning without you is a dwindled dawn.”

Emily Dickinson

When sunlight strikes the darkness of the night, giving a slight hint of a brighter day ahead, while the birds are chirping and a cool breeze is gushing all over, this time reflects the utmost feeling of serenity and calmness. Overlapping of dawn over dusk beautifully portrays the unfailing optimistic approach that there surely be an end to darkest hours of life and a new day, full of hopes, colors and happiness will rise.

Our Morning themed collection of ketubot marvelously portrays the gist of life with an exceptional air of mastery.

Keeping the authentic tradition of ketubah alive with a chic blend of contemporary art, our papercut collection elegantly stands out in the lot. The Forest Keeper Ketubah is one such beautifully crafted piece of our papercut collection. Showcasing the fresh softness of the forest air, just as the warmly illuminating sun coincide with the darkness of the falling night, and a buck and a doe standing harmoniously side by side, welcoming the daylight with all its forthcoming surprises. A couple who understands the true meaning love and significance of their bond, and who enjoys their synchronization and trust in everyday life will surely fall in love with this ketubah.

In such lustrous collection of bright and overwhelming ketubot, The Sunrise Ketubah splendidly displays an eminent spread of artistic mastery with flawless strokes of vibrant pink, purple and orange colors, all superbly blended and perfectly illustrating the paramount supremacy of sun over the gloomy nights. This ketubah flawlessly demonstrates the power of optimism and, is perfect for any couple who promises to be there for each other through thick and thin. This ketubah will be the symbol of forever togetherness, hope and a brighter and shinier life ahead.

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