Ketubah Love: “Your Service is Wonderful, Fast, Friendly and Personal”

The Lovers Dance Ketubah

 Just want to say thank you again  for the beautiful ketubah! We had been running around  trying to find a modern ketubah that fit our style about 1.5 months before the wedding and a) couldn’t find  anything we liked that didn’t cost an arm and a leg and b)  for the ones we were willing to settle on, no one could guarantee we would get them in time for the wedding because it was Jewish holiday season. Your service is wonderful, fast, friendly and personal and you went out of your way to make sure we were beyond satisfied… We’ll definitely be recommending you to our friends!

Alla & Vlad Gostomelsky, Ketubah Love from PennsylvaniaThe Lovers Dance Ketubah
Photography: Stregoica Photography

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