Oh Canada, Our Home and Native Land!

Here at Team Ketubah, we love Canada. For many, many reasons.

First, one of our founders lived there for a long-time (should out to Victoria BC!) and another one of us has only taken oh, 30 or 35 trips there over the course of his life.

Secondly, Canada has been historically very friendly to the Jews. It has no history of oppressor nor expulsion nor significant anti-Jewish laws the way almost every other country in the western world does.

Third, the Jews of Canada — overall, on average — tend to be much more into the Jewish traditions than the Jews of the USA. We’ve found they tend to have more traditional upbringings, use more ketubahs, preserve a lot of the old-fashioned awesome side of Judaism, more than most American Jews do. Interestingly, even the Jews of Canada who intermarry, still get ketubahs, with an interfaith ketubah!

Canada: we love you. We’d love to create lots and lots of Ketubahs for all Canadian Jews!!!

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