What If Someone Doesn’t Have a Hebrew Name?

Many couples love the look and tradition of both Hebrew and English on their Ketubah, and Team Ketubah is excited to create something you’ll love forever. We’ve worked with all sorts of couples, and here’s some advice you might find useful!

What if the Bride, Groom, or someone in our family doesn’t have a Hebrew name, or doesn’t know what it is?
No Problem! Here a few things Team Ketubah can do:

  • Phonetically Translate your English Names to Hebrew (recommended)
  • You and your fiance choose “Best Fit” Hebrew names
  • Omit the unknown from the Hebrew portion of the Ketubah

Of course, they’ll be space to indicate these options on our Ketubah Information Form, and we always send a Pre-Proof Print, so we can make any changes before you give us the “Green Light”.

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