Want to Elope… with a Ketubah? We’ll Make It ASAP For You!

We’ve been wanting to create a Ketubah for a couple that’s going to elope. Vegas, Elvis, the mini-synagogue (what is the equivalent of a “chapel” for Jews?).

I personally didn’t elope, but it would be very exciting to help a couple that’s eloping.

Want to run away this weekend? We can make your Ketubah and get it to you in one day.

What are you waiting for? Life is short. Eloping is fun.

Plus you save a lot of money – hehehe :) A great, sexy way to avoid paying a ton for a wedding!!!! Maybe I should have eloped hehe :)

Here’s the funniest part: the word and the concept just doesn’t exist in the Spanish language. Working with our Ketubah artists from Argentina, we’ve had to explain the concept of “eloping” to them. And now… I think all of them will elope when they get married!

Team Ketubah

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